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Concerto Piccolo

The Concerto Piccolo was commissioned by the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra for their piccoloist, Kate Prouty, and was written during the summer and early fall of 2007.

The piccolo is an instrument that rarely gets to display the full range of its qualities. It is almost always used as a brilliant high-register instrument, adding a touch of sparkle and sometimes shrillness to even the fullest orchestral tutti passages. Its more expressive capabilities are almost totally ignored, as is the tone color of its lower notes. Faced with the task of writing a work featuring the piccolo as a solo instrument, I decided to make an effort to exploit all its capabilities, which is why the work begins with a lyrical theme in the piccolo’s low register.

The work is in one short movement, about 9 minutes long, and divided into a slow introduction followed by an Allegro. Actually, Introduction and Allegro, or something like it, would probably have been a more appropriate title. But I couldn’t resist the pun inherent in “Concerto Piccolo:” read one way, it implies a concerto for the piccolo, but literally translates to “small concerto.” (If I explain the joke, is it still funny?)


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piccolo and orchestra / / T 2P / harp / strings
8 minutes

  • OP-CP1 Conductor’s full score $20.00
  • OP-CP2 Set of orchestral parts $100.00
  • OP-CP3 Reduction for piccolo and piano (includes piccolo part) $15.00

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