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Sing In Exultation

Sing In Exultation! was commissioned by the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra for use as a sing-along number for their Christmas concerts. The original version was written in 2002.

Though intended as a sing-along, this piece can also be performed by orchestra alone (for example, as a concert opener). There is also a choral score available as a free download from www.swanswingpress.com, which may be used if a chorus is available, either in conjunction with audience participation or not.

This revised version dates from 2010. Apart from minor corrections, it is for the most part the same as the original. The only really substantial change occurs in measures 68-71. The original instrumentation of that passage sounded unpleasantly thin (at least to my ears) when performed with audience participation. Accordingly, optional parts for lower brass and winds were added, which should be used when the piece is performed as a sing-along (in which case, flutes and oboe should not play). In all other situations, the original instrumentation for this passage should be used.

2.p.2.Eh.2.bcl.2 / / T 3P / harp / strings
7 minutes


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